HL-1650 Automatic PET preform making injection molding machine

  1. PE/PP bottle/jerry can/drum/barrel/keg/bucket cap lid cover, PET bottle preform, barrel, basket, bucket, create, box etc making machine
  2. European technology and world-famous spare parts
  3. Easy to operate and maintain
  4. CE ISO Certification

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HL-1650 Automatic plastic injection molding machine


  1. PE/PP bottle/jerry can/drum/barrel/keg/bucket making machine
  2. European technology and world-famous spare parts
  3. Easy to operate and maintain

Advantage: Strong Technical design ability, Stable quality, and large production capability, Famous brand.

Injection System:

Modular design, to meet the needs of a variety of molding, injection accurate and stable, double injection cylinder structure to ensure smooth and stable injection.

Clamping system:

The five pivot toggle mechanism by advanced computer optimization, and the finite element analysis of guiding the op-timal structure design, ensure the locking mechanism of rigidity and strength, plate roller mechanism dynamic unique, ensure the balance and use the built-in mute mechanism, mechanical safety mechanism, without adjustment, high safety, accuracy and life of lubricating protection system complete locking mechanism.

Template just woke up, running smoothly:

Specifications, increase capacity of mold more widely, strengthen the protection of large, rigid template columns and die, free use of material, environmental protection and clean and smooth appearance, built-in safety bar, free high security adjustment.

Fast response and stable output:

High precision computer controller combined with high quality, power saving 22%~55%, high economic efficiency. The overall speed of more than 20%, the high efficiency of the machine, so that the formation of multi hole more stable. High precision oil filter full flow filter oil circuit, effectively prevent the pollution and deterioration of hydraulic oil, so that the oil pump, oil valves and other hydraulic components to run more smoothly, hydraulic seals longer life.

Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is advanced by pressure and flow proportional control to achieve fast multi-stage pressure and speed switching, system configuration is reasonable, advanced, stable and reliable operation, the noise is lower than 75dB, in a large machine using two cartridge valve system, improve the system flow and response speed, which makes the best performance.

Control system:

Operation excellence performance, user-friendly interface, enhance the sensitivity and stability of the machine, line curve detection function and central connection management, rich SPC quality management interface, is absolutely the best weapon of your profit.

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Packaging & Shipping

Injection molding machines are packed with wooden pallets, covered with plastic film; auxiliary machines and spare parts are packed with wooden boxes. The loading to containers is done according to weight balance, every package’s position is fixed in containers to avoid moving. The photos of whole delivery will be sent to you for reference.



For choosing proper machine and saving your time, please read below questions carefully and send your inquiry soon, thanks.

  1. carefully and send your inquiry soon, thanks.
  2. Weight for plastic product
  3. Pictures for plastic product (including dimension for plastic product)
  4. What output per hour do you need ?
  5. Other requirements about the machine you want.

Turnkey project service:

  1. We will provide all the machines for the complete production according to customer’s requirements.
  2. We will provide complete service for factory layout and other information to help customer to build the factory.
  3. We can also provide the raw material to the customer if you need.
  4. We will provide good service for machine installation and training, until the customers can run the machines and make stably production.
  5. Except one year quality guarantee, we will provide after-sell service for all the life.
  6. For long-term cooperation, we always provide good quality, good price and good service to customer. we are the professional and trustable supplier for turnkey projects. Let us do win-win business together.

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